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Are extracurricular activities beneficial?


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Are extracurricular activities beneficial?

With the collapse of the economy and many job cuts, parents across the country are reevaluating their expenditures and cutting costs where possible. Parents may hesitate to enroll their children in extracurricular activities, thinking that they are just an added pleasure for those who can pay the price. Research, however, has proven otherwise. Kids who participate in extracurricular activities have better test scores and higher self-esteems. Children who do not excel academically can be top of the team in a sports league or sit in the first chair of the band. They learn to push their limits and face challenges head-on. It is important for parents to recognize the significance of extracurricular activities, as well as the dangers of over-scheduling children. Some kids have so many extra lessons and classes that they simply have no time to play, read, do schoolwork, or spend time with friends. Parents work with their children to create a balanced, enjoyable schedule. If a child appears to be stressed or fatigued, it may be time to cut down on some activities. Too many extracurriculars can harm children, but they are beneficial in moderation.

In the Jewish Community

Due to the laws and guidelines of the Torah, Jewish boys and girls are limited in their choice of extracurricular activities. Children generally need same-sex instructors and private lessons, causing extracurricular activities to become a very big expense. Many families in the Jewish Community tend to have large families and are unable to pay exorbitant fees for music lessons and the like for eight or nine children. Some of the bigger Jewish Communities such as Israel, London, the New York metro area, Los Angelis, Baltimore, and others, have solved this problem by creating centers for extracurricular activities designed for the Jewish children. Boys can play in an all boys sports league, take ice hockey lessons, perform in a choir, or join an art class. Girls are now able to take part in many of the performing arts, such as ballet, tap, gymnastics, and more. Jewish girl’s choirs are available in some areas, and many Jewish instructors are available for music and art lessons. Although some parents prefer that their children learn rather than play, kids of all ages need a creative outlet. An appropriate amount of extracurricular activities might even enhance a child’s studies.

Use the following links to learn more about extracurricular activities. Find out about different activities available to children and learn how not to over schedule your child.

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By Rabbi Yakov Horowitz

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School Information for the Jewish Community

Find out about the extracurricular activities in Jewish schools across the United States

Compiled by Rabbi Yakov Horowitz

American Field Service (AFS)
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Boys & Girls Clubs of America
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VolunteerMatch is dedicated to putting you in touch with volunteer organizations in your area. You can enter the name of a group you would like to know more about, search by your ZIP code, or browse all the available opportunities.

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